Live Workshops

Would you like me to come teach a live workshop in your area?  If you have a group of people who would like to learn about College Funding, I will come do a live training.  Contact me for more details. 


About our Live Trainings

If you can bring together a large group of people, we will do the rest. This is great for PTA events, back to school nights, religious organizations, large family gatherings, and more. Wherever there is a large group of people who want to learn about college funding.

What will you learn?

We typically teach the same information as we do in our popular "7 College Funding Secrets" webinar.  However, we can also customize the content to meet the needs of the families in your area.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the estimated attendance, the cost would be free.  If you have a small group, we may ask you to cover travel costs.

""There is a HUGE need for this info. You were speaking to (and educating) one of the most financially sophisticated audiences in the country. I thought I was informed but obviously not enough...""

Dean DeJean

"Lance provided a quick premier with best practices and valuable insights helping my family get a jump start to solid financial planning before and during our family’s college-attending years. Thank you!"

Anna Kay

"Lance Morgan’s presentation was the most beneficial information I have ever received at any parent workshop I have ever attended - and I’ve attended some great presentations! The information he provided was insightful, complete, and beneficial for anyone who will be paying for college in the next several years. Our oldest child is currently in 9th grade and I feel fortunate to have attended the event at this time. There were other parents with juniors and seniors who clearly wished they had been privy to the information when their kids were younger. I highly recommend anyone with kids (birth through high school) attend the College Funding Workshops as early as possible. The presentation explains everything from recommendations for how to save and plan for paying for college many years down the road to filling out the FAMSA form required by all families with a student attending college. The information is invaluable - even if you think you will not qualify for financial aid due to high income."

Megan Lembcke
Dallas, Texas  Kids in grades 9, 7, 5

"I found the event very helpful! I have a daughter who is a junior as of today! I am a novice to the whole college process, and your seminar was enlightening and full of useful information! I would recommend that everyone I know hear you speak. Please let me know when you come back this way so I can hear you speak again (and bring my husband)! Thank you!"

Kim Williams

"Lance of College Funding Education presented an informative and understandable talk on the ins and outs college scholarships and costs.  I had limited knowledge on the topic and picked up on all the concepts Lance presented.  He shed light on a confusing and mysterious subject that is not easily researched by a person who is not familiar with the system.  Lance convinced me that his experience in college and personal finance made his services worth investigating. Thanks again!"


"Eye opening presentation today.  Thank you."

Leon R. Russell

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